The Louisiana House Advances Proposals Pertaining To The Death Sentence And Juvenile Crime Records

Baton Rouge, located in Louisiana

On Friday, the House of Representatives will be discussing a variety of bills, including a bill that pertains to juvenile criminality and a controversial plan that would enhance the number of execution ways.

In the latter case, the use of the electric chair to carry out the execution of a person in Louisiana would be legalized. In addition to that, it incorporates the most recent technique for carrying out oxygen deprivation using nitrogen gas.

There is a requirement in the bill that any information regarding the individuals or businesses who offer the death pills be kept confidential.

In addition, the Truth and Transparency bill is another piece of legislation that is going to be passed in the near future and will make it possible for some juvenile criminal records to be published. At this time, the general public is not privy to the information included in those juvenile records. According to the legislators, the law addresses dangerous criminals who are charged with violent acts for the first time.

At this point, the invoices are not final. After been approved by the House, they will now require approval from the Senate.

By Caleb Anderson

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