It's Incredible The Iowa Deer Classic Attracts Thousands Of People Using A Variety Of Entertainment Options

DEL MOINES, Iowa — On the
Over the course of the weekend, it was estimated that over 20,000 people attended the 2024 Iowa Deer Classic. The event featured a variety of displays, competitions, and seminars.

There were a variety of functions that deer and other animals served at the classic, including serving as companions, providing entertainment, and serving as decorations.

In addition, John Bunge, who was one of the coordinators of the event, stated that the fact that the state archery tournament was taking place in town was not merely a coincidence.

“We work with them, so the shooters get to come over to the show for free, so they come back and forth,” explained the actor. “We try to be the same weekend.”

The classic was attended by a large number of people, which resulted in the success of exhibitors such as Kendra Sassman, who was representing The Iowa Sportsman magazine.

“Our clients that we have in our publication are here, but not only that, we get to all encounter with the same audience,” added the journalist.

Sunday marked the exhibit’s final day of operation for the year.

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