A Man From Hilo Is Accused Of Auto Theft After A Tacoma Was Taken From A Repair Business

A vehicle that was taken over the weekend from an auto repair shop in Hilo is the subject of many allegations against a guy from the Big Island.

According to the Hawaii Police Department Hilo resident Russell Britos, 18, is accused of:

  • first-degree auto theft, or the unlawful use of a motorized vehicle.
  • theft in the first degree.
  • first-degree car break-in, or unlawful entry into a motor vehicle.
  • When he first appeared in South Hilo District Court on February 26, his bail of $9,000 was upheld. A preliminary hearing was
  • scheduled for February 28 and Britos is still being held.

The allegations originate from an occurrence that transpired on February 24, shortly after 1 p.m., whereby a blue 2006 Toyota Tacoma was pilfered from the car bay of the repair shop situated in the 400 block of Kīlauea Avenue. When store employees last saw the vehicle, it was heading north on Kīlauea.

The suspect, Britos, was recognized by witnesses at the repair shop.

Numerous calls regarding a blue Toyota Tacoma dangerously driving north on Māmalahoa Highway (Highway 19), just north of Hilo, were received by cops throughout their investigation.

Officers were notified at 2:30 p.m. about a guy brandishing a knife in front of a house in Pepe’ekeō’s 27-2000 block of Highway 19. The man was seen taking stuff out of the stolen blue Toyota Tacoma while he was reportedly standing next to it.

When police arrived on the scene, Britos was the only person they saw near the stolen car. He was taken into custody for operating a motor vehicle without authorization. A tow vehicle came to retrieve the stolen truck that got stuck in a mud pit in a meadow.

While detectives from the Area I Criminal Investigation Section of the Hawai’i Police Department carried out their investigation, Britos was taken to the East Hawai’i Detention Center in Hilo for processing and booking.

To stay anonymous, please give Crime Stoppers a call at 808-961-8300.

The Hawai’i Police Department also wishes to urge the public to park their cars carefully, remembering to lock the doors and roll up all the windows. To prevent auto theft, valuables should be kept hidden, ideally in the trunk of the car.

By Caleb Anderson

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