Alabamans, Guard The Things On Your Front Porch A Woman Was Seen Stealing Shoes On Camera

Alabama There are a lot of things going on in Alabama and the surrounding states in today’s world, some of which can confuse you. A woman recently made the decision to steal something while breaking in on a homeowner’s front porch.

Although this crime didn’t happen in Alabama, it serves as a reminder of how quickly robberies may happen at a home.

According to Value Penguin, there is a 35% probability that an item or package will be stolen from an Alabaman’s front porch. It may surprise you to learn that 60% of homeowners who experienced front porch theft had at least one security camera installed.

A video showing a lady nonchalantly removing shoes from a family’s front porch was posted by Crime Net earlier today. She reached for a pair of Ugg boots first.

A brand-new pair of boots would set a customer back $170 on the UGG website, without including additional costs.

A customer would pay $190 for a shoe similar to the stolen Yeezy sneakers, according to shoe ads on StockX.

The homeowner eventually yelled via the house’s security camera, frightening the woman away. Regretfully, the woman took both sets of shoes with her when she left the building.

By Caleb Anderson

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