His husband was discovered by deputies on the ground with a large pool of blood beneath his head.

Florida’s THE VILLAGES (TND) —

“He had been pushed, but soon stated he had just fallen,” the caller informed 911 dispatch.

Whatever the case, according to his husband’s arrest report, the victim was discovered by the police “lying on the ground with a large pool of blood beneath his head.”

The victim’s right side of the head had a deep, open laceration near his top eyebrow, and it was heavily bleeding.

The cut was really inflamed, and there was bruise all around it. It seems that the sufferer had either a brain injury or a fractured bone.
That was the case that Florida sheriff’s deputies discovered after dark on Thursday, February 8.

Khaled Alawi, the victim’s spouse of a year, was quoted as saying that the victim had fallen multiple times.

“The victim said several things about the defendant on the spur of the moment during our interaction with him, such that the defendant “became jealous” and “done a nasty thing today.”The victim reported that he had frequently fallen off his chair and appeared reluctant to discuss what had happened before our arrival.

“The victim started to cry and said he wanted to be ‘protected’ but he would not say anything else when I asked him what had happened.

“The defendant’s presence seemed to be upsetting the victim, who expressed a desire to avoid any physical interaction with him.”
Regarding Alawi, “The defendant refuted the existence of any verbal or physical altercation.” The accused said he used his iPhone to record the victim on the ground following his fall, but he was unable to provide an explanation.

Several videos on that phone were recounted by the deputies.

One, they claimed, “seemed to show the defendant speaking aggressively to the victim.” In the footage, the victim is seen texting while seated straight on a kitchen bar stool. He doesn’t seem to be having any trouble staying balanced or wobbling.

A second image purports to depict the victim—who is bleeding from a cut to his head—lying on the ground.

An hour prior, the victim’s “close friend” who had visited the residence was contacted by the deputies.

According to the arrest report, “the witness stated that because the defendant returned home from the gym late, the victim and defendant both became ‘pissy’ and argumentative.” “According to the witness, the victim told him to return home because they were ‘not getting along.'”
Lastly, they talked about the 911 call, in which “the defendant, who was speaking to dispatch, can be heard repeatedly asking the victim to return the cellphone to him.”

“The victim can be heard claiming the defendant shoved him at time stamp 5:20, but he quickly clarifies he had just fallen.”

Following his arrest, Alawi, 34, was accused of aggravated violence. After being detained for fourteen hours, he was freed from prison.

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