Kentucky Military Children Consider Their Global Experiences

In the course of their daily sessions, legislators in Frankfort extend a formal welcome to visitors. It’s a typical daily practise. One day during the previous week, children of personnel of the armed forces were honored.

Most children who are in the military are used to moving around. In the state of Missouri, Aaron Simmons was born.

After a year of living there, my family and I relocated to the state of Kansas. It was then that we relocated to Germany. After that, we relocated to Germany, and then we relocated back to Texas. Simmons explained that they had previously relocated to Texas, then relocated back to Honolulu, and are now back in Kentucky.

“Going to the beach like every single day,” Simmons said, referring to his favorite place to visit so far, which is Hawaii.

Kayla Cowart, who is 15 years old, has made seven relocations. According to her, the water in southern Italy is extremely transparent. In his opinion, non-military acquaintances may have difficulty comprehending the situation.

“It is kind of difficult to connect with them in a way because they are not on that level,” said Cowart. “They do not understand what it is like to be a child of the military.”

It is simpler, according to Cowart, to attend a military school. Sophie Medina, who is 11 years old, has completed nine relocations. Before a transfer, she mentioned that her family is often given a notice period of approximately two months. According to Medina, it requires preparation on both a physical and mental level.

According to Medina, “I make it a point to have enjoyable moments before I move, especially before I move…like I can remember the place with a good thought rather than saying that I wish I had been there for a longer period of time.”

The State Capitol’s Military Kids Day was something that Medina was grateful for. The youngster from Fort Knox stated that it acknowledges the sacrifices that children from military households make.

By Caleb Anderson

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