North Georgia Braces for Rain Showers and Isolated Thunderstorms as Weather Patterns Shift Detailed Timeline Inside

ALBANY — Despite the fact that Monday was a day that seemed more like spring in February, we are keeping an eye out for the possibility of rain in north Georgia this week.

It is expected that there will be a return of isolated showers on Tuesday, which will be followed by more widespread coverage of rain and a few rumbles of thunder on Wednesday.

What you need to know about the timing of our chances of rain is discussed here.

On Tuesday, there will be a few showers that are widely spaced, primarily north of Interstate 20. In the metropolitan region, there is a possibility of sporadic showers; however, the north Georgia mountains will be more likely to experience noticeable precipitation. Temperatures continue to reach the low 70s, despite the increasing number of clouds and showers. A few peak gusts of approximately 25 miles per hour are expected to occur.

The morning of Wednesday begins with a predominantly dry sky. As the gusty winds kick up, temperatures rise into the low to middle seventies.

As the morning draws to a close, showers and isolated rumbles of thunder begin to make their way into the northwest region of Georgia.

In the afternoon, there is a greater likelihood of widespread shower activity across the metro Atlanta area and throughout north Georgia. There is a possibility of isolated thunderstorms. It is not anticipated that severe weather will occur at this time. There is the potential for a few pockets of moderate rainfall.

It is not until the early evening that the rain finally stops falling.

There is a return to dry weather on Thursday, but there is a return to the possibility of rain on Friday and into the weekend.

By Caleb Anderson

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