Clear Forecast Emerges Distinct Timeline for Severe Thunderstorms Now Established

We can quite well predict when severe thunderstorms may be possible on Tuesday in Michigan. Here’s a brief overview of when storms should arrive at your home.

Throughout all of Lower Michigan, the region of severe thunderstorms will shift from southwest to northeast. It’s going to be a thunderstormy evening and overnight.

As you can see, these storms are made extremely powerful by my favorite high resolution computer model. Other models have quite similar appearances. Prepare for an uncommon winter stormy evening and night.

Tuesday night and Wednesday morning will see a one to two hour period of strong to severe thunderstorms, which will give way to snow showers by eight in the morning on Wednesday.

The following are significant points in the severe thunderstorm timeline. When it comes to storm placements, this model typically appears to be an hour too slow. The times have already been changed for you.

The group of strong storms should be moving toward southwest Michigan by 8 p.m.

The storms will intensify and broaden throughout the late evening. At roughly 10 p.m. on Tuesday, severe thunderstorms may extend from the Grand Rapids region to Ann Arbor, Flint, and Detroit.

Storms begin to move through the Saginaw/Bay City region and into northern Lower Michigan at midnight. Observe how the snow and colder air are beginning to move southeast into the eastern Wisconsin and the western Upper Peninsula.

There could be brief, harmful wind gusts from these thunderstorms. Tornadoes that are isolated are still possible. Large hail is the most likely type of severe weather, with some hail potentially reaching a diameter of two inches. That kind of large hail will wreck a car. If at all feasible, put your cars in garages tomorrow. That’s the wisest course of action.

By Caleb Anderson

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