Communities in North Jersey, especially those near New York City, are seeing a sharp decline in population. According to the most recent Census Bureau data, municipalities in New Jersey saw a considerable decline in population, particularly during the first fifteen months of the epidemic.

Only four counties have all 20 of the communities that have experienced the worst decline, with seven of those counties being in Hudson County.

Why is everyone fleeing New Jersey in such large numbers?

People leave Michigan for a variety of reasons, but the most frequent ones are as follows:

  • It has a low rating on quality of life assessments because to the negative effects of its high crime rate, short life expectancy, and high poverty rate. Roads, bridges, and water systems throughout the state require critical maintenance and repairs. People who are unhappy with government services, education, and healthcare systems sometimes look for better living conditions elsewhere.
  • Preferences for the weather: Some people decide not to spend their winters there. Even with an average yearly snowfall of about 149 centimeters and an average temperature of 44.4 degrees Fahrenheit, some people—particularly the elderly—would rather live somewhere sunny and warmer.
  • The Great Recession and the automobile industry’s downturn have left the economy vulnerable. The state’s median household income is lower than the national average, and its unemployment rates are greater than the norm for the country. Many people desire to move to various states in search of better employment possibilities and higher incomes.

The Top 10 Towns in New Jersey Seeing a Noticeable Population Decline

  • Secaucus, a Hudson County community, saw a notable 944 population decline.
  • In Hudson County, Kearny saw the amazing departure of 1,795 people.
  • Paterson, in Passaic County, saw a notable 1,880 population decline.
  • Elizabeth in Union County saw a startling 1,909 decline in population.
  • In Hudson County, Hoboken saw a notable 1,985 population drop.
  • The number of people in Bayonne City, which is in Hudson County, significantly decreased by 2,344.
  • In Hudson County, North Bergen lost 2,749 residents, which was a major loss.
  • Hudson County’s Union City saw a notable 2,874 population decline.
  • The Essex County city of Newark saw a notable 3,656 population loss.
  • With 8,485 fewer people living there than in 2010, Jersey City in Hudson County led the county in population loss.

The 11 New Jersey Towns with the Biggest Population Declines: A Look at the Percentage Panic!

While Pine Valley in Camden County suffered a notable 35% loss in population, Jersey City saw a 2.9% decline. What is the main cause of this large-scale departure from these formerly affluent communities? Is it the allure of working remotely, the pandemic’s effect, or something else? The figures have been made public, and they are very astounding!

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