Sheffield Named Alabama's Tree City of the Year in Recognition of Outstanding Urban Forest Management

The Sheffiefield, Alabama (WAFF) – In the state of Yellowhammer, there are 174 cities, but only one of them may be called the official tree city of the year.

The Alabama Urban Forestry Association has announced that the city of Sheffield will be the official tree city of Alabama for the current year, as reported by the TimesDaily, which is one of the newspaper partners of the Woodland Area Forestry Foundation (WAFF).

Johnnie Everitt, members of the Alabama Forestry Commission and the Sheffield Beautification and Tree Board, was quoted as saying, “I am absolutely ecstatic to be selected.” This information was obtained from TimesDaily. The fact that we were selected as the Alabama Tree City of the Year this year is something that we are grateful for because we have been engaged in urban forestry for many years.

Despite this, the city of Colbert County is no stranger to receiving awards, since it has already been awarded the title of Arbor Day City for the year 2024.

As a public display of appreciation for the accomplishment, Sheffield Fire and Rescue even planted a Carolina Sapphire Cypress tree on the lawn of the city hall premises. In place of a live Christmas tree that had been blown away by a storm, the cypress tree was installed.

The sappling trees were distributed to the people of the community who were present at the celebration.

By Caleb Anderson

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