A Proposed Florida Law Seeks To Prohibit Street Takeovers And Illicit Racing

Florida’s West Palm Beach

Two proposed measures that are making their way through the Florida legislature address anything from aggressive driving to drifting in an intersection, car clubs, and interstate racing. They have the potential to be fatal as well as hazardous.

According to authorities, these issues have only gotten worse after Palm Beach International Raceway closed its doors for good in 2022. However, our county is not the only one facing similar problems.

Currently, two very similar legislation called HB 449 and SB 1764 are being considered by the state house and senate with the intention of stopping all forms of unlawful street racing.

The “street takeovers” that have taken over Florida’s roads are becoming increasingly common. Rey Alonso, the Florida Director of the Beat The Heat program and a recently retired lieutenant from Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office, stated that these unlawful street racers put others in danger in addition to themselves.

According to Alonso, “They just stop all traffic going north, south, east, and west so they can do their donuts or whatever else they’re doing.” “Of course, you’re causing traffic jams, but you’re also endangering people.” Many of those vehicles lose control, causing families, pedestrians, and other vehicles to scatter all around them. Simply said, it’s insane.

By toughening the punishments and increasing the fines for everyone engaging in drag races and street takeovers, state lawmakers hope to put an end to the turmoil.

It also includes people who are merely observing. The proposed law may result in fines for spectators as high as $500.

“It would be pointless to put on a show if there were no onlookers,” Alonso stated.

The Democratic senator from Miami, Jason Pizzo, claimed that these takeovers had grown far too risky.

“People are suffering life-threatening injuries or passing away. Additionally, Pizzo stated that the plan is extremely well-organized and managed, particularly among Florida’s 16 to 29-year-old demographic. “I’m trying to get ahead of this bad situation.”

If found guilty, the first offense of street racing carries a $2,000 fine and a one-year license suspension. A second violation within a year carries double the penalties of a felony. Seven,500 in fines would be imposed on anyone with three infractions in five years.

“I wholeheartedly support it. Because of the risk they’re putting people in, I firmly believe that anyone found doing these kinds of activities should lose their license and their automobile,” Alonso stated.

Some claim that the closure of Palm Beach International Raceway is to blame for the increase in street racing in the area. Commissioners in Palm Beach County have been attempting to establish a new track in the community. According to the most recent information we have, they want to issue calls for ideas this summer.

There are not many stops left before a final vote on either of the proposed measures.

By Caleb Anderson

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