Alert Severe Storms on the Horizon - Texas, Mississippi, and Ohio River Valley Brace for Intense Weather Race

Good morning to every one of you. We see one system moving in from the West that will spark a cycle of strong thunderstorms in the Heartland before swiftly moving to the East Coast and all points in between. Ahead of that impending system, we also have a dome of milder air, and the temperature difference is causing a few sprinkles in the Northeast Tri-State region.

As it moves out of the Rockies and raises the possibility of severe storms from Texas and the northeast into southern Indiana and lower Ohio, that system out in the West will be the main focus of our prediction. Right present, it appears that there will only be one or a few strong storm lines, mostly in the South and Southeast. These storms could, nevertheless, be dangerous for isolated tornadoes, huge hail, frequent lightning, and devastating straight-line winds. As we move into the southern Great Lake states, the line appears bigger, but as we move east, the likelihood of severe weather decreases. Severe weather is still predicted to move from the west to the east late tomorrow and into Wednesday.

Ahead of this front, the Northeast and New England are predicted to have windy conditions, intermittent gusty showers, and some rumblings later on Wednesday. The transition from moderate to cold air is quite abrupt, so on Wednesday night we might see a change from rain to snow before the event ends early on Thursday morning. Interior areas of the Northeast and New England will have the best opportunity for a swift transition and some ground whitening.

We’ll be closely monitoring those storms. This is the local forecast for the NYC metro area.

Before today’s milder weather, there are a few light showers moving through the area. With highs in the 50s to 55s, we should see some sunlight later in the day.

Following a brief clearing in the late afternoon and early evening of today, clouds reappear ahead of a swift system that will swiftly move from the West Coast to the East Coast. Tomorrow may bring a few late showers, but Wednesday is when most of the major action happens. mid-fifties as highs.

On Wednesday, it will be windy, extremely mild, and rainy. Keep an eye out for sporadic, strong showers that may include a few isolated thunderstorms. With the exception of the local shore, where the wind is blowing off the colder ocean, highs will be in the near-60/low-60 range. If there is any moisture left, we may see a quick shift to snow overnight Wednesday when temperatures dip into the near-30/low-30 area.

Any remaining snow showers will finish early on Thursday, when the highs will only get as high as 35 to 40 degrees. The weather will be windy and cold.

Friday calms down, with sunny skies, fewer wind gusts, and highs in the mid-40s.

By Caleb Anderson

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