There Is An Exciting Area 51 Exclusive to North Carolina

There is a similar military facility in North Carolina to the well-known Area 51 in Nevada, which has been connected to aliens, UFOs, and conspiracy theories for many years. The Willis Observatory in North Carolina is an official UFO landing pad that welcomes visitors and extraterrestrials, unlike a covert facility. This article explores the background, goals, and features of Willis Observatory, which is known as the only official UFO landing pad in the world.

The Willis Observatory’s past

Willis Observatory is a privately owned astronomy facility located in the small Appalachian Mountain hamlet of Bakersville, North Carolina. In 1999, retired engineer and amateur astronomer Michael Willis established the observatory to share his love of the stars. Willis also designed and built the UFO landing pad on his farm, which he registered with the International Association of Ufologists in 2001. Willis claims to have seen UFOs several times and believes he will see a landing on his pad.

Willis Observatory’s Mission

The goals of Willis Observatory are to inform, inspire, and educate. The observatory offers a variety of events, including star parties, lectures, workshops, and tours, to accommodate a wide range of age groups and backgrounds. It accommodates astronomy and space exploration-related organizations, scout teams, and school groups. The observatory offers night sky observations with its telescopes, which include a solar telescope, a 10-inch refractor, and a 16-inch reflector. Its amenities are enhanced by a gift shop, museum, and library.

What Willis Observatory Has to Offer

The circular UFO landing pad, a grassy space enclosed by a fence and marked with a friendly sign, is the main draw. It has lighting, cameras, sensors to identify approaching spacecraft, and a mailbox where guests can leave messages for extraterrestrials. A fire pit is another component of the observatory that provides ambience and comfort. Willis is providing his library of books and articles on UFOs, aliens, and cosmic riddles, so this is a great place to exchange myths and stories about these subjects.

In summary

A fascinating location for astronomy buffs, UFO enthusiasts, or anyone looking for a fun and soothing experience is Willis Observatory. Entrance fees are $10 for adults and $5 for children. The museum is open on weekends and by appointment throughout the week. The observatory needs volunteers and donations. Check out the observatory’s Facebook page or website for more information.

By Caleb Anderson

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