There Are Two Odd Haunted Roads in California That Defy Gravity

There are many attractions in California, ranging from well-known sites like Yosemite National Park to breathtaking natural formations like the Hollywood sign. Nevertheless, among its numerous attractions are several enigmatic locations that defy logic and the laws of nature. On these two highways, it appears as though gravity is acting in reverse, rolling objects upward rather than downward. It is also rumored that the spirits of people who perished there in horrific incidents haunt them. These are two unusual and creepy roads that will make you question reality: Gravity Hill in Altadena and Glen Helen Road in San Bernardino.

Glen Helen Road: A Train of Ghosts

In San Bernardino, Glen Helen Road—also called Gravity Hill—crosses a railroad track. The animals and the crew of a circus train that crashed here many years ago are said to have perished in a local legend. Ever since, the dead’s spirits have persisted, urging any stopped car to a safe distance on the track. Additionally, some people report hearing animal noises and the whistle of a train at night.

It is necessary to drive to the road, stop your car on the track, and put it in neutral to witness this occurrence for yourself. Your car will feel as though it is being pushed uphill by unseen hands. Other things, such as balls or bottles, can also be rolled to observe if they travel up or down. Numerous people have captured this odd phenomenon on camera, but no one has been able to provide a scientific explanation for it.

Gravity Hill: The Shadow-rider

Another road in Altadena, close to Pasadena, that resists gravity is called Gravity Hill. The ghost of a biker who passed away here while waiting for his sweetheart is rumored to haunt it. His ghost continues to assist stranded vehicles by dragging them up the slope. Additionally, others have claimed to have seen a glowing figure—thought to be the cyclist’s spirit.

You must drive to the top of the hill, stop, and shift into neutral to see this event. Your car will feel as though it is being tugged uphill by an enigmatic force. Observing balls or bottles roll up the slope is another way to try this experiment. This strange occurrence has been documented on multiple films, but its paranormal origin has not been proven or disproven.

In summary

Two of the most fascinating and enigmatic locations in California where gravity appears to behave differently are Glen Helen Road and Gravity Hill. Their charm and mystery are further enhanced by the ghost stories that are connected to them. Regardless of your belief in the paranormal, these routes are worth exploring if you’re seeking excitement and a sensory challenge. But be cautious—these paths might conceal mysteries beyond the realm of science.

By Caleb Anderson

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