The Midwest is Being Overtaken by the Blackout Plate Trend Iowa, Minnesota, and Wisconsin

“Blackout” license plates are the newest thing in the Midwest. Iowa was the first state to provide them, then Minnesota, and now Wisconsin is looking to give its citizens access to this fashionable plate.

If the proposed measure is approved, Wisconsin residents will have the option to purchase a blackout plate, which will “have a black background and white lettering displaying the word “Wisconsin” and the registration number assigned to the vehicle.” Senator Dan Knodl of Germantown introduced the bill.

There would be an additional cost associated with the new plate design. According to the proposed bill, individuals wishing to obtain a blackout plate would need to pay the registration plate charge in addition to an additional $25. The projected $23,700 in initial manufacture and design costs will be retained by the Wisconsin Department of Transportation; any further funds earned from the sale of blackout plates will be directed toward the transportation fund.

Wisconsin stands to gain significantly from the new blackout plate; Iowa has sold over $30 million worth of them, and Minnesota has sold over 1,600 of them in only the first two days. Mississippi and Colorado have also lately begun to sell the blackout plates.

There is already a choice available if you reside in Wisconsin and are eager to install a possible new blackout plate on your vehicle. Wisconsin offers the Road America plate for Elkhart Lake, which is priced at $15 instead of the $25 suggested price for the new design. Although it doesn’t resemble any future blackout plate, it is black with white text.

By Caleb Anderson

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