Discover the Best Handmade Pierogies in a Cozy New Jersey Corner

Eastern European-style pierogies have become very popular all over the world, particularly in Poland and Ukraine. Made from dough that hasn’t been yeasted, these delicious dumplings can be filled with cheese, potatoes, pork, cabbage, or mushrooms for a hearty meal. Foodies have a particular place in their hearts for pierogies, which are typically served with sour cream, butter, or onions.

However, in New Jersey, where might one discover the best pierogi experience? Remarkably, it’s not at a fancy restaurant, but rather tucked away in a cozy spot that has been honing homemade pierogies for more than 40 years. Enter **Pierogi Palace**, a beloved Union County eatery run by a family that is tucked away on **Rahway**.

The Background of Pierogi Palace

Pierogi Palace originated from the modest beginnings of **Anna Kozak**, a Polish immigrant who came to the US in 1974 and founded the restaurant in 1982. Anna began by making pierogies at home using her mother’s recipes, and she quickly developed a devoted customer base by selling her goods at neighborhood fairs and festivals. Inspired by this achievement, she imagined a location where she could provide her expanding fan base with a greater selection of sizes and flavors.

In addition to **Peter** and **Maria**, Anna’s children also assisted her husband, **John Kozak**. With perseverance and commitment, Pierogi Palace grew to be a well-liked destination for both locals and tourists, drawing a wide range of patrons, including discriminating foodies, **Bruce Springsteen**, **Jon Bon Jovi**, and **Meryl Streep**.

The Pierogi Palace’s Pleasures

Simple food meets satisfying taste at Pierogi Palace, where pierogies take center stage among other delectable Polish dishes like kielbasa, stuffed cabbage, and potato pancakes. Pierogies are made fresh every day with only the best organic and natural ingredients. They are available in a variety of flavors and sizes. Delicious **sauerkraut and mushroom**, **cheese and potato**, and decadent **sweet cheese** are among the favorites; seasonal selections like **pumpkin**, **apple**, and **chocolate** offer a fun variation.

Consumers can enjoy their pierogies with cheese sauce, bacon, sour cream, butter, onions, or fried or boiled. Pierogi Palace provides exceptional value with its big portions and affordable rates. For those who can’t wait to replicate the experience at home, the restaurant also sells frozen pierogies and catering services.

The Pierogi Palace Ambience

Enter Pierogi Palace, a small room that can accommodate about 30 people in seats. Charming Polish flags, posters, and souvenirs are scattered throughout the décor, which also includes treasured family portraits and candids of famous guests. The staff is friendly and well-informed, and the ambiance is relaxed and welcoming.

Pierogi Palace is open Tuesday through Saturday from 11 a.m. to 8 p.m.; however, reservations are advised as space is limited, so arriving early or making an advance order is advised, especially during busy times. The restaurant can be reached via email at [email protected] or by phone at (732) 382-8585. It is conveniently located at 312 W Main St, Rahway, NJ 07065. Check out their Facebook page or website,, for more information and updates.

In summary

Pierogi Palace is a hidden treasure in New Jersey, providing customers with the best homemade pierogi experience possible. The restaurant guarantees a fine and genuine eating experience because it is run by a family that is enthusiastic about its culinary history. Indulge in delectable pierogies and experience the coziness of familial hospitality here. Pierogi Palace, a tiny New Jersey restaurant with a large heart, is the place to go if you’re looking for amazing pierogies.

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