Students In Kansas Secondary Schools Receive Practical Instruction From Psu Nurses

KOAM: PITTSBURG, Kan. At the PSU Irene Bradley School of Nursing, high school students from a variety of Southeast Kansas schools, including Pittsburg High School, Girard, and Baxter Springs, recently obtained practical experience.

Forty PSU nursing students helped the record number of high school students in attendance. The students had the opportunity to visit the simulation hospital, which exposed nursing students to real-world situations. Students received instruction on how to give vaccinations and CPR correctly.

Most of these high school kids are interested in medicine in one way or another. Lauryn Hillman, a nursing student at PSU, says it’s important to witness the training the next generation receives. Students’ curiosity is piqued and their enthusiasm for a profession in medicine is sparked by the involvement.

By 2030, the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts that there will be a demand for about 275,000 more nurses. Alyssa O’Hare, a nursing student at PSU, believes that the university’s practical experience could be extremely important in encouraging high school students to seek careers in nursing and in helping to solve the anticipated scarcity of nurses in the medical field.

While not every student will pursue a career in medicine, many may gain an understanding of the labor involved in becoming a healthcare professional as a result of this eye-opening experience.

By Caleb Anderson

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