On Saturday, A Harsh Blast Of Frigid Air Is Expected

Cheers to Bow Tie Friday and TGIF! We are seeing a wintry mixture of rain and snow this morning due to an area of low pressure that is moving northward over the eastern shoreline. The majority of that wintry mixture and the ensuing slick/slippery travel are found to the east and south of the Champlain Valley. There is a slight south wind and temperatures are in the upper 20s to middle 30s.

We dry out long enough this afternoon to reach lows in the lower 40s with a breeze from the south to the north. A fresh arctic cold front is expected to move in late afternoon and throughout the night, preceded by that north wind. With that border, isolated snow showers and squalls are probable, particularly when it crashes into northern New York around the time of the evening trip home. After dark, sporadic snow showers will move eastward into northern New Hampshire and Vermont.

In most places that do benefit from the snow showers from our arctic front, snowfall totals will average an extra dusting to two inches. By Saturday morning, localized quantities of more than two inches are expected on the upper slopes east of the Champlain Valley.

In relation to Saturday AM, a strong northwest breeze will contribute to our drying off and dispersing the clouds. On Saturday morning, wind chills might drop as low as 10 to 20 degrees below zero due to the strong northwest wind. breeze chills will decrease to five degrees above and five degrees below throughout the afternoon thanks to partly overcast to partly sunny skies and a gradually decreasing breeze.

It’s going to be dry and clear through Sunday morning, with more sunshine expected in the first part of the day. A fresh boundary bringing flurries and nighttime snow showers doesn’t appear until later on Sunday. This weekend, stay warm and watch the weather.

By Caleb Anderson

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