SEGA Leadership Forum Gears Up for its Third Year, Promising Insightful Speakers and Engaging Tours

During the two days of the Southeast Georgia Leadership Forum (SEGA), over 400 leaders from corporations, government agencies, civic associations, communities, and up-and-coming individuals come together. This year, it will be back to the Kehoe Ironworks Building in Trustees’ Garden in Savannah on February 26 and 27, 2024.

The forum, which is being hosted by Connect Savannah with assistance from Morris Multimedia, Georgia Southern University, Gulfstream Aerospace Corporation, and Georgia Power, is centered on how we can all work together to realize our potential as a community by embracing new ideas, fostering the development of our future and current leaders, and deliberately fostering collaboration amongst all facets of our diverse community.

According to Charles Hill Morris, co-founder of the Southeast Georgia Leadership Forum, Savannah and the surrounding counties will benefit greatly from the 2024 event because the city is undergoing tremendous transition. The driving force behind that change, irrespective of one’s vocation, is leadership.

Morris stated, “This community has a great opportunity ahead of it.” We can truly accomplish a lot by pursuing excellence and building connections in all of these many industries. The forum aims to foster relationships and provide insights from notable individuals.

This year, there are five new tour options available, each offering a unique experience. For the first time in the forum’s existence, they are off-campus and bringing groups of attendees into the Savannah community.

Morris remarked, “These are hands-on experiences.” “People will have the chance to see a greater range of regional issues with open eyes. They will be able to witness things that they might not have otherwise.

On Monday, February 26 in the afternoon, there will be tours. The goal of each tour is to provide guests with opportunities for networking and a deeper understanding of a topic of community interest. Participants select the tour they want to take on these multi-stop excursions, each of which focuses on a different topic. The I-16 corridor, affordable housing and homelessness, ports and logistics, higher education, and the arts and culture are among the tour possibilities.

Regarding the choices, Morris remarked, “It’s really a complete look into these ‘five buckets’ of society.”

Both the logistics and economic development tours stop at the Georgia Ports Authority and offer a behind-the-scenes peek at the recently constructed Hyundai Metaplant. Each tour’s detailed description is provided below.

By Caleb Anderson

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