In a recent study, WalletHub evaluated the degree of happiness in 182 major American cities by taking into account a number of variables, including community and environment, employment and income, and physical and mental well-being. According to the results, Detroit, Michigan, scored poorly in each of the three criteria and came out as the least happiest city in the country.

Why is there unhappiness in Detroit?

For many years, Detroit has struggled with social and economic problems, such as racial segregation, poverty, unemployment, and urban deterioration. Remarkably, the city declared bankruptcy in 2013, becoming the greatest municipal bankruptcy in American history. Recovery attempts have been made ever since. Detroit came in at 180th place for both physical and mental well-being, 181st place for income and employment, and 179th place for community and environment, according to the survey.

In what way does Detroit differ from other cities in Michigan?

Detroit was the lowest-ranked city in Michigan, but it was not the only one. The next-lowest-ranked Michigan city, Grand Rapids, came in at number ninety-two and beat Detroit in all three categories, especially in employment and income. The best-ranked city in Michigan, Ann Arbor, came in at number eight, showing exceptional mental and physical health.

Which American Cities Are The Happiest?

According to the report, Overland Park, Kansas, and San Jose, California, are the next happiest cities in the United States, after Fremont, California. These cities scored highly in all three categories, with income and employment standing out. With six of the top ten cities, California was the focus of the research. Their enjoyment was also influenced by their leisure, diversity, health, and education.

In summary

According to WalletHub’s analysis, there are notable differences in happiness levels among American communities, which can be attributed to a variety of variables that affect citizens’ quality of life. Detroit, Michigan, which has been dealing with persistent social and economic problems, came out as the least happy city. While Grand Rapids and Ann Arbor, two other Michigan cities, had higher levels of happiness, they still trailed behind the top-ranked cities, most of which are in California. According to the report, improving a city’s environment, income, and standard of living may eventually increase its citizens’ happiness.

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