There's An Abandoned Town In Illinois That Most People Are Unaware Of

Cairo, a forgotten hamlet located at the confluence of the Ohio and Mississippi rivers, is one of Illinois’ hidden treasures. Cairo had formerly been a vibrant city with a population of more than 15,000 people in the early 20th century. Rich in architectural treasures such as the Custom House and the Gem Theater, it thrived as a major hub for trade, transportation, and the arts.

However, the story of Cairo is tinted with the specter of social unrest, economic depressions, and racial conflict. Its history was tarnished by lynchings, riots, and natural disasters, which accelerated a slow decline that was made worse by prejudice and neglect. Cairo was abandoned by the late 20th century, with less than 3,000 people living there, deteriorating infrastructure, and a declining sense of life.

Reasons to Go to Cairo:

Cairo attracts tourists for many reasons, despite its depressing history. First of all, its colorful past, which includes important moments like the Civil War and social movements like the Civil Rights movement, is a reflection of the fabric of American history. It represents a multiracial background and the achievements and hardships of several groups, including activists, African Americans, immigrants, and Native Americans.

Second, Cairo’s magnificent architecture provides a window into a different age. Its buildings, which range in style from Art Deco to Greek Revival, are reminders of the opulence of the past. Remarkable structures like the Safford Memorial Library and the Cairo Bridge elegantly break up the cityscape.

Thirdly, the picturesque scenery and outdoor activities of Cairo’s natural charm enthrall. It offers a refuge for boating, fishing, and wildlife viewing at neighboring sanctuaries such as the Cypress Creek National Wildlife Refuge. It is located between the Ohio and Mississippi rivers.

How to Travel to Cairo:

Because of the scarcity of lodging and facilities, careful planning is essential for those drawn to Cairo’s charms. It’s best to make reservations in advance for accommodation, transportation, and guided tours; Internet resources and local tourism offices can help. A seamless visit is ensured by ahead-of-time inspections of the weather and availability of attractions.

It is crucial to treat Cairo and its people with respect. It is required of visitors to abide by local laws and not to cause damage or disruption. Cairo’s legacy is preserved and community life is promoted by patronizing neighborhood businesses.

Visit museums and take architectural tours to fully immerse oneself in Cairo’s rich history and embrace the soul of the city. Savor its natural beauty by taking your time exploring its wildlife refuges and riverbanks.

In summary:

Cairo is a city full of untold stories and dreams, yet it is often disregarded. Cairo has a strong character. Its crumbling façade conceals remnants of a thriving past, calling adventurous visitors to discover its hidden gems. The pulse of history continues to beat in Cairo, calling to anyone who will listen.


By Caleb Anderson

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