Survivor of Arizona Pool Fall Commemorated Amidst Tragic Fatal Crash

Phoenix, a 4-year-old girl who years ago fell into a pool and somehow survived, passed away this past week in front of her house.

Mia Preston’s mother, Alia Preston, claims it was just a horrible accident. Mia, according to her, was a gregarious girl who had a significant influence.

In a phone interview, Alia remarks, “It’s just incredible that she was just so little, and was able to have such an impact on people.”

According to Alia, her four-year-old daughter was outdoors playing with her brothers when a truck drove by. According to Alia, despite the motorist stopping and acting appropriately, tragedy still occurred.

“She might have believed the truck had stopped at that point, and she might have started to cross the street, but we’re not positive. Because she is so small, he hit her and ultimately ran her over when he started to drive,” claims Alia. He wasn’t using a cell phone, speeding, or doing anything else. It was all accidental, like, 100 percent.”

As was previously said, Mia once made it out of a tumble into the pool. Her father administered CPR to save her life, and she recovered completely prior to the collision. Mia even mustered the bravery to take swimming lessons.

“Even recently, I would get messages from people thanking me for sharing her story and watching her swim,” Alia recounts. “They put their children in swim lessons and ISR, and we know that she saved lives from her miracle.”

Mia’s survival story, according to Alia, inspired many.

“There are sometimes people who are just too good to be here for too long, but she had a mission for just the four years, her life, to bring people together, to love each other, and to be reminded of how short life can be.”

Mia’s life celebration is scheduled on Saturday, March 2, at 11:00 a.m. Attendance from the community is invited.

By Caleb Anderson

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