Order For Convicted Con Artist To Reimburse The Home Depot $300,000

PROVIDENCE, Rhode Island. WPRI. This week, a man from Connecticut who was responsible for running a network of theft and return that extended from Maine to Maryland was sentenced to prison.

Alexandre Henrique Costa-Mota, who is 27 years old, allegedly entered a guilty plea to charges of wire fraud and conspiracy in November, as stated by the office of United States Attorney Zachary Cunha.

During the period of time between the middle of 2021 and the beginning of 2022, the prosecution asserts that Costa-Mota committed at least sixty separate thefts from The Home Depot. The stolen items were returned to him in exchange for store credit, which he would later use to make purchases.

It has been reported by Cunha’s office that he targeted forty different locations over the period of eight months and was successful in obtaining shop credit totaling $297,332. Fake driver’s licenses were another strategy that he utilized in order to avoid being apprehended.

Upon completion of his sentence, Costa-Mota was put under the surveillance of the federal government for a period of three years. Additionally, according to Cunha’s office, he was required to furnish The Home Depot with a complete reimbursement. And because he is a citizen of Brazil, the Immigration and Customs Enforcement agency will be in charge of deporting him.

By Caleb Anderson

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