Here are The Seven Cities That Every Texasan Is Leaving

Even though Texas is a large and diverse state, not everyone finds happiness there. The Lone Star State is losing some of its population for a variety of reasons, including high living expenses, harsh weather, heavy traffic, and a lack of employment prospects. These are seven cities where there has been a large exodus in recent years.


Houston, the largest metropolis in Texas and the fourth largest in the United States, is not without significant issues. Hurricanes, flooding, and air pollution are common in Houston. It also has a low quality of life ranking and a high crime rate. A lot of people from Houston are looking for homes in Austin, Texas, as well as in Los Angeles, a place not exactly known for being affordable or secure from natural disasters.


Another significant Texas city that has had a large-scale exodus is Dallas. Dallas has a thriving culture and a burgeoning economy, but it is not without its problems. Dallas has a typical property price of $287,000, making it one of the most expensive cities in Texas. It also scores poorly for public transportation and has a high traffic congestion index. Fort Worth, which is close by and offers a cheaper cost of living and a more laid-back lifestyle, is drawing a lot of inhabitants from Dallas.

San Juan

Although San Antonio is the seventh-biggest city in the United States and the second-largest in Texas, it also has a high rate of poverty and low levels of educational achievement. Although San Antonio is well-known for its rich history and culture, it also has a low safety rating and a high crime rate. Portland, Oregon, is attracting a growing number of San Antonians who are drawn to its progressive and eco-friendly atmosphere.

El Paso

El Paso is a border city with a high unemployment rate, slow economic growth, and a strong Hispanic influence. It also has a cheap cost of living. Although El Paso has a high prevalence of diabetes and is among the safest cities in Texas, it also has poor quality healthcare. Denver, Colorado, is becoming the destination of choice for many El Pasoans due to its better quality of life and more vibrant and diverse economy.

The Corpus Christi

The seaside city of Corpus Christi has a picturesque setting and a temperate temperature, but it is also highly susceptible to natural calamities and has little resistance to climate change. Although Corpus Christi is among the least expensive cities in Texas, it has a high percentage of poverty and a low median income. San Diego, California, offers a more attractive and pleasant city together with a more secure and affluent economy, therefore many Corpus Christi locals are relocating there.


In addition to having a low cost of living and a youthful, educated population, Lubbock is a college town with a high crime rate and little cultural diversity. Although Lubbock has one of the highest wind speeds in the country, it also has a significant danger of drought and limited water supplies. Seattle, Washington, is luring many Lubbock residents away with its more inventive and creative economy and welcoming and multicultural society.


Amarillo is a small city with a low cost of living, a rural and conservative culture, and a low level of economic diversification due to its heavy reliance on oil and agriculture. Despite being one of the sunniest towns in the US, Amarillo has poor environmental quality and a high frequency of tornadoes. Since Austin, Texas, offers a more dynamic and diverse economy as well as a more liberal and progressive culture, many Amarillo locals are relocating there.

In summary

Texas’s citizens are reconsidering their options as the state faces difficulties, leading some to relocate to cities with better opportunities. Many Texans are leaving the state’s metropolises due to the attraction of cheaper housing, increased safety, and better quality of life. The desire for a better future outside of the Lone Star State is reflected in this migratory pattern, whether it is due to Denver’s thriving economy or Austin’s energy.

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