Area 51 Is Unique To Oregon And Fascinating

Renowned for being a covert military facility in Nevada, Area 51 has given rise to several myths and conspiracy theories. However, did you know that Area 51 exists in Oregon as well? It is an area of great interest to explore and is known as the Boardman Bombing Range.

Boardman Bombing Range: What is it?

Situated in Morrow County, Oregon, Boardman Bombing Range is a 77,000-acre training ground used by the United States Navy. It was built in 1941 to serve as a range for World War II aircraft to practice bombing and gunnery. It has since been utilized for a variety of military drills and tests, including the testing of lasers, drones, missiles, and rockets.

Why is called Area 51 in Oregon?

Area 51 and Boardman Bombing Range are comparable in several ways, including:

  • It is defended by armed guards and encircled by a high-security barrier. Unauthorized access is illegal and strongly forbidden.
  • It is situated far away from any significant towns or cities in a barren and isolated region. The closest population center is 20 miles distant, in the little town of Boardman, which has 3,000 residents.
  • It is veiled in secret and mystery. The public can only see specific portions of the range at occasional open house events, and the Navy does not provide much information about what occurs within.
  • It is a hotbed for paranormal activity and UFO sightings. Particularly at night, a number of people have claimed to have seen odd lights, objects, and phenomena in the sky above the range. Some people think the range serves as a conduit to another dimension or an alien technological testing area.

What is there for you to see and do?

Visit the Boardman Bombing Range if you’re inquisitive and daring to see some of its noteworthy characteristics, like:

  • The Bombing Target Complex is a collection of automobiles and concrete buildings designed to mimic urban warfare environments.
  • You are able to climb inside some of the buildings and cars and witness the destruction done by different weapons and explosives.
  • The Radar Hill is a hilltop location with multiple antennas and a sizable radar dome. A panoramic picture of the range and the surrounding area is available, and you might be able to spot any military planes or drones passing overhead.
  • The 16,000-acre Wildlife Refuge is set aside as a home for threatened and endangered animals, including the Washington ground squirrel, the ferruginous hawk, and the sage grouse. You can take in the range’s natural beauty while observing and photographing the wildlife and vegetation.
  • Historical sites include old homesteads, cemeteries, and rock paintings by Native Americans that are at least a century old. Before the land was turned into a military range, you may learn about the history and culture of the people who worked and lived there.

In summary

A unique and fascinating location, the Boardman Bombing Range provides insight into military technology and training in the past, present, and future. You may feel the excitement of exploration and discovery there as well as at this land of mystery and magic. Area 51 in Oregon may be of interest to you if you’re seeking an extraordinary adventure.

By Caleb Anderson

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