Donald Trump Challenges A $454 Million Ruling In A Civil Fraud Lawsuit In New York

NEW YORK In an attempt to refute the judge’s conclusion that he lied about his wealth while building the real estate enterprise that propelled him to fame and the presidency, Donald Trump has filed an appeal of his $454 million New York civil fraud judgment.

Attorneys for the former president filed notices of appeal on Monday, requesting that the state’s intermediate appeals court reverse the astronomical penalties that could deplete Trump’s cash reserves and overturn Judge Arthur Engoron’s decision from February 16 in Attorney General Letitia James’ complaint.

In court filings, Trump’s attorneys stated that they are requesting that the appeals court rule on whether Engoron “committed errors of law and/or fact,” misused his discretion, or “acted in excess” of his authority. In New York, the appeals process begins with a notice of appeal. Trump’s attorneys will be able to elaborate on their complaints in later court documents.

Trump can file an appeal without having to pay his fine or post a bail, and doing so does not automatically stop the verdict from being enforced.

The front-runner in the Republican presidential race has until March 25 to obtain a stay, which is a legal procedure that stops collection while he files an appeal. If Trump deposits cash, assets, or an appeal bond that covers his debt, he will automatically be granted a stay of proceedings. The attorneys representing Trump may potentially request that the appeals court issue a stay without requiring a bond or with a smaller bond.

On Monday, the court docket contained no evidence that Trump had requested a suspension of proceedings or posted an appeal bond. When a reporter questioned him on Monday about whether he had posted a bond or whether he was in the process of doing so, his attorneys did not answer right away.

Trump’s attorney Alina Habba spoke exclusively about the appeal in a statement provided through a spokeswoman, stating, “We trust that the Appellate Division will overturn this egregious fine and take the necessary steps to restore the public faith in New York’s legal system.”

A spokesman for the state’s court system and the attorney general’s office in New York both received messages requesting comment.

Engoron discovered that Trump, his business, and senior executives—including his sons Eric and Donald Trump Jr.—colluded for years to fabricate financial statements in order to fool banks and insurers into believing he was worth more than he actually was. The judge imposed severe restrictions on Trump’s corporate enterprise, the Trump Organization, in addition to other punishments.

As Trump attempts to secure the Republican presidential nominee in his pursuit of regaining the White House, the appeal guarantees that the legal battle over his business practices will continue well into the presidential primary season and perhaps beyond.

By Caleb Anderson

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