The Jefferson County Fair Authority has voted to change its name from the “Jefferson County Ag and Youth Fair Authority” to simply “The Jefferson County Fair Authority.”

The Jefferson County Fair Authority voted to amend its articles of incorporation, adopted in 1989, to correct “a long overlooked” situation.

The board’s name will change from the Jefferson County Ag and Youth Fair Authority to The Jefferson County Fair Authority. The fair authority, originally comprised of five members, will increase its membership to 13 volunteers to reflect the growth of the fair.

The authority also welcomed two new members and reappointed two members to serve five-year terms, elected officers for 2023, and approved a budget for 2023.

The board also discussed events and shows for the 2023 fair, including a Wine, Shine and Dine event and an information meeting for a junior fair board. The next regular meeting will be held on February 1.

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