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Jefferson County’s proposal for a special election for state Senate denied due to insufficient polling places

The Kentucky Board of Elections has rejected a plan presented by the Jefferson County Board of Elections that aimed to establish voting locations for the upcoming special election to fill a vacant seat in the Kentucky Senate. The plan proposed opening four polling locations, two inside Kentucky Senate District 19 where the vacant seat is located and two outside of the district. The special election is scheduled for February 21st.

According to Secretary of State Michael Adams, the four locations were not enough to cover a race that includes a voter population of nearly 100,000 people. He stated that, “especially in a place like the Highlands, where people were pretty motivated and upwardly mobile and they vote,” four locations would not be sufficient.

Bobbie Holsclaw, Clerk of the Jefferson County Board of Elections, explained to state Board of Elections members at a meeting that the local board did not have much time to come up with a plan and had struggled to find enough locations that meet Americans with Disabilities Act accessibility standards.


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